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From Dream to Idea to Vision Executed INtentionally!

Are you an innovative and creative female entrepreneur or professional waiting to unleash your genius?

Get the clarity and confidence you need to elevate your life into the next level.

Thelma’s breakthrough coaching is a unique process that combines transformational coaching with business consulting. Her approach and methodology has undoubtedly helped her clients set clear goals, and take consistent action. Her work focuses on shifting the mindset and empowering you to take action on your dreams!

After all, the only thing stopping you, IS YOU!

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When it comes to achieving your goals, or bringing your vision to life, what’s getting in the way?

– Do you feel a lack of clarity in your business? Does marketing yourself frighten you? Do you compare yourself to others and wish you had the confidence to put yourself out there?

– Do you love what you do but hesitate when it comes to charging for your work? Are you unclear when it comes to your personal brand? When it comes to bringing your creative dream and vision to life, do you feel stuck and stagnant?

– Do you feel like you’re constantly hitting a glass ceiling? Do you feel like there is something incredible just on the other side if only you could break through?

If you answered a resounding “YES” to any of these questions, I can help propel your dream, your ideas, your vision, and your self-worth into the next season of your life.
You deserve to succeed and feel successful.
Your breakthrough and transformation is around the corner.

Do you have a larger than life vision… and you’re READY to get unstuck and move through your fears?

I know exactly what it’s like to be you right now, because I was you! I ran a successful booking agency for years, only to watch it crumble from this one mistake I couldn’t seem to recover from.


I lost my business, my livelihood and myself all in one go.


This wasn’t because I lacked money, potential or capability, after all I DID build this business from the ground up. This was about me! I had to push past my mindset blocks. I had to be willing to do the inner work. I learned from falling down and then got up to break through my fears. I pushed through my blocks to get the confidence to pursue my dreams.


I defined what growth looked and felt like for me. I became crystal clear about my identity and focused in on WHY it was important for me to be successful. I connected to my purpose, took the necessary action, changed my perspective and birthed my breakthrough coaching process.

And now, I’m here to serve you.

Dr. Judith Settle

I recently entered a coaching agreement with Thelma Horton, a CEO/Strategic Development Consultant. After 1 month of a process to identify goals; step-by-step decisions on how the goals would be executed; a close check on my progress; and how I felt about the process, I was able to accomplish in 1 month what I had not been able to get off the ground in the previous 6 months. I am so excited about my progress that I have requested a continuation of the coaching experience. I highly recommend Coach/Consultant Thelma Horton to help anyone who wants to move their vision forward. You will be pleased!

Linda A.

“Thelma, I think one of your biggest assets that has been the most encouraging in my life is your ability to listen and observe and to give feedback.  Your coaching has been both encouraging and corrective. You are very open and honest, and you never make me feel like you’re judging me…. You are very honest and your delivery builds and not tear down.  I feel that your wisdom has helped me to tear down strongholds in my life and has encouraged me to replace fear with hope and expectation.”


“You are a patient and generous listener who can carefully dissect what you have heard and deliver feedback in such a way, the person ‘gets’ it right away! “

Linda F

“You have an intuitive insight for dealing with issues.  Excellent problem-solving skills and coaching to examine your self-worth.”

John B

“You are amazing at being concise with your feedback and finding ways to work with to better their soul.”

Miriam T

“You are a reliable source of spiritual inspiration.  I trust your honest insight.”

Toyin E

“You are great at coaching transformational leadership, self awareness, emotional intelligence and Godly living/choices.”

Morgan M

Words could never express the profound experience that Thelma has created in my life. She saw more in more me than I saw in myself, and has helped my build the confidence to exceed what I thought was possible.

Judy S

“You are really good at reading people and knowing what’s going on with them.  You are incredibly perceptive and are a gifted coach. I wish you taught/wrote about your super power of being optimistic, positive and your unfaltering sense of faith and faithfulness.  You also are a GREAT question asker..important questions that open up possibilities.”

How long have you been sitting on your dream?

How long have you been telling yourself, “Tomorrow I’ll get to work?”

How much longer are you willing to sit in your fear?


What do you really want?

It’s time to get unstuck. You’re here for a reason.

And whether you know it or not, staying stuck is a form of self-sabotage.

I know it can be scary. I know it may feel like there is way too much to do to bring your vision to life.

You can do it. You WILL do it.

Start by reading my FREE guide “10 ways to feed the champion in you!”

Once you do that, schedule your discovery session with me NOW so you can get unstuck and start moving towards the life you’ve always envisioned.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that 5, 10, 15 years have gone by.

You’re still wishing and waiting for something to shift within you.
You wake up every morning feeling empty and unfulfilled.
Your body is aching from holding in all your frustration towards yourself.

What would your future self say to you right now?

Would she say to just give up?

Or would she say to take that leap into life changing transformation?

Imagine how it would FEEL to finally have the life you dream of.

To be focused and know exactly what steps you need to guide you.

What would the impact be for your life if you had a personal coach walking beside you, believing in you, empowering you, and encouraging you?

And, never letting you off the hook because your coach is more dedicated to your vision than to your excuses.

It’s up to you to take the first step.